Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 59

Here's chapter 59. Part of this chapter may feel kind of repetitive. ED: FrozenInk00 The One Who Eats All 「Was it difficult this time around?」   Because this isn’t the audience hall … but the His Majesty’s private bedroom, I am under extreme tension. This situation is an exception within an exceptions.   In the … Continue reading Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 59


Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 58

Here's chapter 58. It's been awhile, but I'm not dead. I was just simply spending too much time playing Rabi Ribi with my free time, the bosses are damn hard. Only a few more tests then the school year will be over. Hopefully I can post more often during the summer. Also, pretty sure everyone … Continue reading Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 58